How to Store and Organize Your Concentrates with a Silicone Dugout?

Silicone Dugout

Whether you’re a dabbing enthusiast or just getting started, organizing and storing your concentrates is key to having the best dabbing experience. Using a dab rig kit with a silicone dugout can help make this process easier. The Cheef Terp Slurper Banger dab rig kit features an innovative design that allows for easy storage of your dabbing supplies. With its unique shape and size, the dab rig kit includes a silicone dugout that can hold up to three concentrates at a time. This makes it easy to have all of your dabbing materials within reach and organized for optimal dabbing sessions. In this blog post, we look at why you should store and organize your concentrates using a silicon dugout, the benefits of using a silicone dugout, and how to buy it online. 

Why Store and Organize Your Concentrates with a Silicone Dugout?

Using a dab rig kit with a silicone dugout is an efficient way to keep your dabbing materials organized. It helps prevents waxes, concentrates, dab tools, and dab rigs from being misplaced or lost. Here are 6 additional benefits of using a dab rig kit with a silicone dugout:

  1. Easy to store and organize dabbing supplies. – Durable construction ensures dabbing materials stay safe. – Keeps dabbing accessories together for easy access. – The silicone dugout helps keep concentrates fresh and flavorful.
  2. Convenient dabbing accessory – Easily fits dab rigs and dab tools. – Portable design allows you to quickly switch between dabbing supplies or taking them on the go.
  3. Accommodates multiple dabbing accessories at once – Can hold up to three concentrates, dabbers, dab rigs, and dab tools at one time. – The dab rig kit also comes with a dab mat for added convenience.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain  – The dab rig kit can be easily cleaned and maintained by simply wiping it down with a damp cloth.
  5. Variety of sizes and styles  – Choose from a variety of dab rig kits with different sizes and styles to match your dabbing needs.
  6. Affordable dabbing accessory – A dab rig kit with silicone dugout is an affordable way to store and organize your dabbing supplies without breaking the bank!

How to organize and  store your concentrates with a silicone dugout

Organizing and storing your dabbing materials is as easy as 1-2-3 with the dab rig kit from Cheef Terp Slurper Banger. It comes with a silicone dugout that can hold up to three concentrates at once, making it perfect for dabbing on the go or having all of your dabbing supplies within reach. To store and organize your dabbing accessories, simply place them in the dugout, close the lid tight, and keep them in a safe location.

How to buy a silicone dugout online?

If you’re ready to start organizing your concentrates, you’ll want to purchase a dab rig kit with a silicon dugout. Cheef Terp Slurper Banger dab rig kits are available online at Cheef Kit, which is a reputable platform that offers low prices and free shipping on dab rigs, dab tools, dab accessories, and dabbing kits. Make sure to read customer reviews before purchasing your dab rig kit!

Safe dabbing practices that you should practice every day

As a dabber, here are everyday practices that you should follow to dab safely.

  1. Be aware of the dabbing temperature – Ensure that your dabbing temperatures are at a safe level and adjust accordingly when needed.
  2. Wear protective gear – When dabbing, it’s important to wear protective gear such as eye protection, gloves, and long sleeves for added safety.
  3. Clean dab rig kit and dabbing accessories regularly -To ensure optimal performance and safety of your dab rig kit, it’s important to keep all parts clean on a regular basis.
  4. Store dab rigs in designated areas away from children -Designating an area specifically for dab rigs is essential in preventing accidents or misuse of dab rigs by children or minors.
  5. Dispose of dabbing materials properly – When dabbing, always remember to dispose of dabbing materials such as concentrates and dab tools in the proper container after use.

Now that you know why using a dab rig kit with a silicone dugout is beneficial, how to buy one online, and safety dabbing practices, you’re ready to start dabbing safely! Have fun!

Frequently asked questions about organizing your concentrates with a silicone dugout?

1. How do I clean my dab rig kit?

To keep your dabbing accessories in top shape, it’s important to regularly clean and maintain them. To do this, simply wipe down the dab rig kit with a damp cloth or use an alcohol-based cleanser for tougher grime.

2. What dab rigs are compatible with a dab rig kit?

Most dab rigs are compatible with a dab rig kit as long as they have enough space for the silicone dugout and dabbing accessories that come along with it.

3. Are dab mats necessary when using a dab rig kit?

Though not mandatory, using a dab mat is recommended to protect your surfaces from heat damage and to keep dabbing materials safe.

4. How long do dab rigs last?

The lifespan of dab rigs can vary depending on the material and how often it is used. However, dab rigs made with quality materials can last for years with proper maintenance and care.

5. What are some other accessories I should consider when purchasing a dab rig kit?

Depending on your dabbing needs, you may also want to consider other dabbing accessories such as dab tools, cleaning supplies, dab mats, torches, carb caps, wands, and more. These items will help make your dabbing experience even more enjoyable!


Organizing your dabbing concentrates with a dab rig kit and silicone dugout is an easy and efficient way to store dabbing tools and keep everything in one place. Be sure to follow the safety practices mentioned above, as well as proper maintenance of dab rigs for optimal performance.  Anytime you want to buy dab rigs and dabbing accessories, look for reputable platforms with customer reviews to ensure high-quality dab rig kits. Now that you know more about dabbing safely with a dab rig kit and silicone dugout, it’s time to get dabbing!  Happy dabbing!

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